Feed Mill (Machinery + Construction) Turn Key Project

৳ 14,000,000.00৳ 103,500,000.00

Feed mill machinery + Feed mill Factory shed Turn key solution. Buy the world quality machinery and standard design of factory shed at one place. We provide One point solution of feed mill in Bangladesh.

We are one of the pioneer supplier and consultant of feed mill machinery and construction in Bangladesh. Our feed mill machinery are made in China and manufactured by the most reliable factories.

The capacity of feed mill: we have various capacity feed mill from 1 ton per hour to 20 tons per hour.

Types of feed mill: We have poultry feed mill, cattle feed mill, fish feed mill sinking type, fish feed mill floating type.

Warrantee: we provide 2 years service warrantee for all of our supplied feed mills.

Installation: We provide installation of feed mill free of cost for our supplied feed mill machinery.

Construction: The project includes the construction of factory shed only. For warehouse or godown, additional cost will be applicable.

Feed mill Type & Capacity:

Poultry feed 1 ton per hour, Floating Fish Feed 1 ton per hour, Poultry + Floating Fish feed 3+2 tons per hour, Poultry + Floating Fish feed 5+3 tons per hour, Poultry + Floating Fish feed 5+5 tons per hour, Poultry + Floating Fish feed 10+5 tons per hour


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